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The Best Dive Watches

The oceans that cover most of our world’s surface are wild, mysterious places, inhabited by strange alien-looking creatures. While the secrets of the vast unexplored deep continue to elude mankind, the dive watch (and the watches that take style cues from it) remains his timepiece of choice, with as many varying styles, species and bold colours as there are fish along a tropical reef. Rugged and audacious, these divers look just as good with a sport coat as they do with a wetsuit. (more…) Read More

A Welcome Introduction: Cassandra Scerbo

Most men probably remember being introduced to Cassie Scerbo in last summer’s Sharknado. She was the shotgun-wielding vixen on a little quest to blow up a shark-infested hurricane. And while doing that, she was defying the image that she had developed in previous character roles as a bitchy daddy’s girl, afraid to break a fingernail. (more…) Read More

The Best New Watches of the Year

Last year was good for watch lovers as the world’s great brands unveiled reimagined classics and took bold strides with innovative new designs and movements. These are our favourites – now finally available – any of which would make a solid addition to any collection. Read More

Wall Street Style

Dressing for business is no longer a game of garish flaunting. In today’s climate, the mark of true success lies in looking sharp with discernible restraint. Read More

Audi’s Made to Measure A8

High luxury is about a lack of compromise. This applies to Savile Row-tailored suits as much as it does to a Le Corbusier lounge chair. But if you’ve ever walked into a car dealership, you know even the most luxurious of cars force you into compromises: you can have this colour with that model, but not this one, or these wheels only come with that trim level, or I’m sorry, sir, but we simply don’t offer that.

(more…) Read More

The Most Beautiful Women of Golf

One of golf’s most competitive championships just teed off yesterday. And with all eyes on The Masters Tournament, here’s a round up of the sport’s most popular women. These ladies are just as talented as they are gorgeous; a winning combination for any lucky gentleman. Read More