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    How to Use an App For Everything

    How to: Use an App For Everything

    From sharpened sticks to camera phones, Homo sapiens rose to planetary dominance by augmenting our modest god-given attributes with kick-ass tools. In the age of mobile computing, we’ve become more inventive than ever. No matter who you are or what your shortcoming, there is, indeed, an app for that.

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    How to: Choose a Route for Your Next Road Trip

    Ah, the road trip – surely, this is the ideal vacation for men. A hot destination and a hot set of wheels: it’s the perfect combination. Do yourself a favour and make plans for some epic road trippin’ at these five hotspots.

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    How to Curl

    How to: Curl

    If you’ve ever grabbed a 40-pound rock, slid it across a frozen parking lot and thought to yourself, “Hey, this would make a great sport!” then curling is the game for you. Invented by the Scots in either the 15th, 16th or 17th century (depends on who you ask, or your definition of “invented”), curling has grown to prominence in recent years, helped along by its addition to the Winter Olympics in 1998.

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    How to Go Professional Off-Road Racing

    How to: Go Professional Off-Road Racing

    With million-dollar, high-flying rigs and international television coverage, short course, off-road racing has seen a considerable rise in popularity in recent years. After all, who can argue with the salt-of-the-earth appeal of highly engineered, big horsepower trucks, with buckets of buttery-smooth suspension, being tossed around a stadium dirt course.

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    How to Own an Airplane

    How to: Own an Airplane

    Let’s face it: commercial aviation is a major pain in the ass these days. Flights are constantly delayed, airport security is more intrusive than ever, legroom is virtually non-existent and the food, if you even get a taste, is downright awful. There’s only one way to really fly comfortably—on your own plane. But few of us rack up enough hours in the air, not to mention enough cash in the bank, to justify owning one.

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    How to Master the Knife

    How to: Buy, Use and Store Kitchen Knives

    Learn how to be a master in your kitchen with this guide to buying, using and storing knives.

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    How to Learn to Love Scotch

    How to: Learn to Love Scotch

    Here’s the problem: you know scotch is the ne plus ultra of spirits, and you’re supposed to be a connoisseur. But you have a shameful little secret: you just don’t like the stuff.

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    How to Make Makeshift Weapons

    How to: Make Makeshift Weapons

    Now, we’re not trying to make you paranoid about every stationary object in your vicinity and the people who surround them, but the fact of the matter is that with enough momentum and the right attitude, anything can be used as a weapon.

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