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    How to Stock a Kitchen

    How to: Stock a Kitchen

    Cast-iron grill pan It looks like a regular frying pan, but with rows of thin raised ribs in the bottom. The cast-iron grill pan is a great alternative for steaks and chops when it’s too frosty to fire up the BBQ. Buy a plain pan and “season” it by coating in vegetable oil and baking at 450 F for 30 minutes. […]

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    How to Tie a Scarf

    How to: Tie a Scarf

    Scarves are often the most overlooked winter accessories in a man’s arsenal, but you should never leave home without one; your neck with thank us later. The armest-and coincidentally, coolest-way to tie your scarf is an easy slipknot. Follow these steps for the perfect look. 1. Fold the scarf in half and place it around […]

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    How to Stay Warm

    How to: Stay Warm

    Whether you’re caught in a blistering snowstorm or locked in a walk-in freezer, you need to keep warm, lest you become a human snowman (and dead, too). First thing to know: you need to eat. The warmest thing you can cover yourself with is…yourself. Your body is a heat-producing machine, but like any machine it needs […]

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    Embrace Your Grey Hair

    How to: Embrace Your Grey Hair

    Grey hair. These two words strike fear in the eyes (and follicles) of most men. But they shouldn’t. Rest assured: not only is your grey manageable, it has the potential to be your best look.

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